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My Sisi Collectors and collections enchanted by Queen Elisabeth of Hungary  

Királyi Kastély

My Sisi

My Sisi

Collectors and collections enchanted by Queen Elisabeth of Hungary  

Temporary Exhibition in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő

10th September 2022 – 16th March 2023
Times have changed, the popularity of Sisi, however, cannot decline. It was 120 years ago that Sisi was assassinated and died, and the number of admirers has been invariably increasing in the world. What can be her secret? What can be the source of motivation for her followers, admirers nowadays, that makes them read, watch films, and discover places related to Queen Elisabeth, and collect objects, works of art reminding them of the Queen. What do the fans collect in connection with Sisi, and why?
This year, we prepared a special surprise for Sisi fans in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő, which is considered as the heart of the cult of Queen Elisabeth in Hungary.
Until the present time, we organized permanent, as well as temporary exhibitions showing a great number of treasures of museology related to the Queen. This year, however, for the first time, it was the contemporary collectors who were given the main role at this exhibition. 
In the framework of application, we have found passionate collectors who would like to show the most beautiful and interesting pieces of their private collection to the public.
Beyond the personal stories of the collectors of our time, this exhibition also offers an insight into the cult of Elisabeth in the past, by recalling events in the history of the Queen’s cult.

Ticket Prices:
Adult:                                                                                                4200 HUF
Reduced price:                                                                                 2600 HUF
Family ticket:                                                                                    9900 HUF
Visit to the permanent as well as to the temporary exhibitions are included in the prices above.
Ticket prices to the My Sisi Temporary Exhibition only:
Adult:                                               1500 HUF
Reduced price:                                  800 HUF
Family ticket:                                    3500 HUF


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