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Creative hints for events

Creative concepts and thematic ideas for company events

Listed below you can find up-to-date creative ideas for your events, drawn from our rich cultural past and history. We strive to make your time spent in the Palace unforgettable.
You can go on an adventure in a regal environment through the world of theatrical or open-air performances, folk and aristocratic drama, equestrian or hunting shows as inspired by the various eras.

Events may range from short, exclusive VIP parties to full-day company events for hundreds or even over a thousand people, from outdoor programmes through team-building training, to birthday parties. Based on prior consultation with you, we draw up a plan that best meets your expectations and fits your budget. We then hire the artists and subcontractors. We always check productions in advance to make sure you get top quality performance for your money.

Time travel from the Conquest till the present day

For those who love Hungarian history, we recommend a journey through time from the Conquest, through the Renaissance, the Baroque age, the Royal period of the Palace, up till the present day, spiced with dramatic items typical of each age. Each element of this time travel is of high quality, unique, exciting, colourful and entertaining. The plays and shows provide an excellent opportunity to relive the favourite activities of our ancestors, wander through tournaments and enjoy splendid Baroque art.


The picturesque Palace park is the ideal spot for presentations:


-  erecting a yurt, archery, falcon-, hawk- and owl presentation

- period fashion show and performance

- court musicians (trombone players, trumpeters, drummers)

- flag throwing

- jousting

- interactive performances for all ages

- craft shows (straw weaving, basket making, weaving, pottery, tanning, embroidery, glassblowing)


Life in the court of Count Antal Grassalkovich I

Audiences interested in culture, historic monuments and works of art increasingly prefer unique presentations relating the stories of old times in an unusual environment. Raised to the rank of count and coming into possession of numerous estates around Gödöllő, Antal Grassalkovich I played an important role in Hungarian history. His legacy still deserves the recognition of present-day observers. Dazzle your guests with a wide variety of diverse and spectacular programmes in the largest Baroque Palace in this country.

- Maria Theresa’s magnificent reception, a play in period costume

- changing of the Baroque Hussar guards

- Baroque palace tour

- theatre plays or concerts of Baroque masterpieces

- Hunting in the Baroque period - historic show with falconry and archery

- Jolly comedy on stilts with a dancing bear

- Dance and grace, historic dance show in the theatre or ceremonial hall

- Organ concert in the Palace chapel

- Baroque feast in the Palace Rococo hall

- Baroque playground with folk games



On the trail of Queen Elisabeth


At the centre of the Sissi cult in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő, the favourite resort of the beautiful queen who was well known for her love of the Magyars, you can attend various performances which transport you back to the good old days, the happy days of peace and dreams. The royal suites, the secret salon on the ground floor, the picturesque park, authentic historic scenery and stage sets provide an ideal venue for nostalgic events recalling the splendour of the good old days. Choose from our ‘menu’ of presentations evoking the atmosphere of the 19th century.


- Royal reception, ‘Queen Elisabeth’ welcomes you to her favourite Palace

- The Queen’s sunglasses, adventure tour searching the museum for the ‘odd one out’

- Viennese melodies, operetta

- Songs from the musical ‘Elisabeth’

- Dama equestrian show in the Palace park

- Royal hunts, the Queen of hunts - pack hunting demonstration

- Hussar horse show in the Palace park

- Dance show in the Baroque theatre

- Melodies the Queen preferred, a selection of Sissi’s favourite Hungarian Gipsy songs

- Photography (period costumes, nostalgic sepia photographs)

- Nostalgic travel by carriage, omnibus, steamer

- Coronation ceremony, museum programmes for children

- Queen Elisabeth memorabilia

Treasures of five continents

The 26-hectare Royal park is an ideal venue for outdoor programmes, some elements of which are permanently on display. The ‘continents’ scattered around the park create an illusion of a travelling around the world as dreamed up by Jules Verne, but in this case it only takes one day (10 hours) rather than 80. Entertaining and suitable for all ages, the performances present the music, arts, traditions and gastronomy characteristic of each particular continent. (Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Australia)


-          Shows

-          Afro hair braiding

-          Snake charming

-          Games of skill and action (rodeo-bull, kite-flying...)

-          Costume show

-          Asian arts and crafts fair

-          Films

-          Tasting food specialities

-          Chinese tea corner



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