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White gold on the table

castles, palaces, and porcelains exhibition 2018

White gold on the table

 “White gold” on the table ... castles, palaces, and porcelains

Temporary exhibition in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő,
21 April – 2 September 2018

The name, porcelain in English, comes from the Italian porcellana, meaning ‘cowrie shell’. Its history dates back to the ancient Chinese Tang dynasty (618–917). On 23 January 1710, Frederick August I (“August II the Strong”), the Elector of Saxony, established the first real European porcelain factory in Meissen. The history of Hungarian porcelain and porcelain manufacturing goes back to relatively late times in history. It started with the establishment of the first manufactory in Herend in 1826 by Vince Stingl, porcelain manufacturing artisan, who studied in Vienna. It was followed by the founding of a porcelain manufactory in 1827 in Telkibánya, in the Regéc estate of Ferdinand Bretzenheim.   

The Hungarian porcelain brand, “Herend”, presumably the most well-known outside Hungary, earned its European reputation thanks to the admiration of the British royal family and the expertise of Mór Fischer. At the Great Exhibition of London in 1851, Queen Victoria ordered a whole dining set of “Herend” bearing the classic butterfly-flowery pattern. Unfortunately, in the turmoil of the 20th century, the impressive porcelain table ornaments were partially or totally destroyed, often times, together with other furnishings, furniture, or even the castle or palace buildings storing them. Each and every piece saved from the plundered, burned, and destroyed buildings are precious relics bearing witness to the dining habits of a privileged social stratum of a long-gone era.


Adult  1200,- HUF
Student  600,- HUF



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