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Royal Suppliers Store

Royal Suppliers Store

The Royal Supplier's title is still in use today and is valuable in countries where it still has formal and legal foundations. The Royal Supplier title is awarded to companies who have attracted attention with their quality products and market creativity and development.

The aim of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő is to commemorate these Hunagrian companies and their products, as well as to represent today's excellent product manufacturers and to contribute to enhancing the country's image.

During the Monarchy, many excellent Hungarian product manufacturers recieved this title.
The products include musical instrument manufacturers, furniture producer, champagne factory, spice producer /processor, brewer, winery, confectioner, chocolate manufacturer, porcelain manufacturer and liquer factory.

Among them were names that are still a concept for consumers when they think of quality products: Tokaji, Törley, Zwack, Dréher, Teleki, Stühmer, Kotányi, Herend and Ország Sándor organ manufacturer, just to highlight some famous names.
The Royal Palace of Gödöllő must represent more than itself. It is a prominent place of architectural and historical heritage, which has a mission. An element of this is the Royal Supplier's Store.

Accordingly, the concept of the design of the Shop rests on three pillars:
-       Presentation of companies and brands existing during the Monarchy based on credible sources
-       Presentation of memorabilia from the region of Gödöllő and traditional handcrafts
-       Presentation of Hungaricum products which are Royal Suppliers in 2012

  (Our goal is to open a seperate exhibition for these producers in Palace spaces, which will be renewed later)

The management has begun to develop product ranges that are connected to the Royal family, preserve Gödöllő and represent the quality and brands of the day.

You can find items from the Herend Porcelain Manufacturer in the Royal Supllier's Store

The Stühmer manufacturer,

The Tokaji Manufacturer,

Items from the Pannonhalmi Abbey,
Items from the Dréher Brewery,
Items from the Zwack liquer manufacturer
Items from the Szamos manufacturer

We are constantly developing our product ranges and expanding what's on offer.

The life of the Royal Palace also included local suppliers who supplied fresh supplies and the Royal Family's favorites to the Palace's occupants. Accordingly, when the concept of the Shop was developed, we tried to incorporate the products of handcraft manufacturers operating in the Gödöllő area. Naturally, written memories  are taken into account that authentically prove that the products were loved and consumed by the people living in the Royal Palace.

This is how these items became part of what we offer: Homemade jams, honey, items made from truffles, local spice specialities, peach brandy, etc. The product range is constantly being expanded.

These traditional Hungarian items are not only available in the Shop, but are also entwined during special programs here in the Palace throughout the year.

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