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The Riding Hall, the Stables of Royal Palace in Gödöllő

Királyi Kastély

The Riding Hall and the Stables

The Riding Hall and the Stables

Antal Grassalkovich I had the riding hall built on the south side of the palace in the middle of the 18th century. Because of Queen Elisabeth’s passion for riding, it was later transformed into a man?ge, with mirrors on all of its walls.
From the 1950s the riding hall was used by the Soviet army.
Its most important renovation was in 2010. A separate entrance was opened in the direction of the Schimmelhof and two rooms were constructed underneath it, one of which functions as a projection room. During the Hungarian presidency of the European Union in 2011, the riding hall was a primary protocol location. At present it is the scene of cultural events.

The two stable buildings which Antal Grassalkovich I had built in the middle of the 18th century are connected to the riding hall. The saddle room and cleaning room were decorated with wall paintings. In the period of the Monarchy, Queen Elisabeth’s horses were kept in a separate stable, which was closer to the riding hall.
In the 1950s the Soviet army used both stables as storerooms.
The smaller stable was renovated in 2010 and the wall paintings in the saddle room and cleaning room were restored.


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