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Queen Elizabeth's rooms, garden and veranda in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő

Királyi Kastély

Queen Elizabeth's rooms, garden and veranda

Queen Elizabeth's rooms, garden and veranda


The rooms of the violet suite were reconstructed in 1996 based on authentic sources. Beautiful portraits of the Queen can be seen on the walls, together with portraits of the most outstanding politicians of the age who Elisabeth had been in contact with in preparation for the Compromise of 1867. In the writing room we can get to know Elisabeth’s Hungarian language and history teachers, while the dressing room gives us a picture of her favourite pastimes: travelling and horse riding. In the bedroom hangs a full-length painting of Maria Theresa, just as it was in the time of Antal Grassalkovich I, who had the Palace built.

The next rooms in the suite, the reading room and the quarters of Ida Ferenczy, the Queen’s Hungarian reader, house the Queen Elisabeth Memorial Exhibition with relics connected to the cult surrounding her person.

The secret spiral staircase between the bedroom and the reading room led to the three-room suite on the ground floor, decorated with stucco. (The spiral staircase cannot be reconstructed, though its location is marked in the room leading to the air-raid shelter.)



Just before Elisabeth arrived for a visit to Gödöllő, gardeners would always plant her favourite flowers in the front garden: violets and pansies. In the finely restored front garden are the gravestones of two of the queen’s favourite dogs. The front garden is accessible through the wooden veranda. The wooden veranda was designed by court architect Ferdinand Kirschner. It was presumably dismantled following  the queen’s death. Queen Elisabeth’s porch was rebuilt in 2010 in accordance with the original designs.


News and informations

Maintenance Work Period in the Palace

Maintenance Work Period in the Palace

Maintenance work is scheduled to take place in the Palace from 17th January 2022 until the beginning of March 2022 (the end date may change). In this period, there will be sections in the permanent exhibition (certain rooms) that will be closed for visitors. Due to the closures, we provide a discount on the ticket price of the permanent exhibition. You can see our permanent exhibition accompanied every half hour. First time: 10:30a.m Last time: 3:30 p.m   We will inform our visitors from time to time in the above period on our Facebook Page, so that they know which section of the permanent exhibition is closed. Our visitors are granted discount from the entrance fee of the permanent exhibition because of the limitation on visit in this period. The first phase of maintenance is scheduled from 17th January until 21st January, when it is the Memorial Exhibition of Queen Elisabeth where maintenance activity will take place. In the weekdays of the maintenance period, we offer 20% discount from the entrance fee of the permanent exhibition, at the weekends, however, no discount will be applied.
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Our cafe is temporarily closed

The café is temporarily closed

Dear Guests! The Royal Palace of Gödöllő’s cafe is temporarily closed. Thank you for your understanding!
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The use of a mask is mandatory in the building of the Royal Castle of Gödöllő!

The use of a mask is mandatory

The use of the MASK is obligatory in the building of the Royal Castle of Gödöllő! The use of a mask covering the mouth and nose is mandatory everywhere in the enclosed spaces of the Castle. Optional in the Castle Park Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
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The queen's furniture has returned home!

The queen's furniture has returned home!

The queen's furniture has returned home! Queen Elizabeth's personal furniture, dressing table and glass showcase arrived at the Royal Castle in Gödöllő   Dr. Tamás Ujváry, the managing director of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd., reminded that the castle operates as a real Sisi cult place. The building also celebrates its anniversary, as it was abandoned by the Soviet army thirty years ago and then opened in 1996, albeit only in part, to visitors in 1996. The anniversary is also connected with the arrival of the two special pieces of furniture, which were successfully repurchased with the help of the National Castle Program and the NÖF, said Dr. Tamás Ujváry. Speaking about the National Castle Program and the National Castle Program, which he supervised as a ministerial commissioner, Zsolt Virág said that they are aimed not only at the restoration of the buildings, but also at their mental rehabilitation. This includes returning any former furnishings to the walls, he noted. According to him, Queen Elizabeth's former dressing table and glazed display case appeared at an auction in Germany, where they were bought back at a starting price, and from Friday the public can meet the artefacts in the castle's permanent exhibition in the queen's dressing room.  
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