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Information for disabled

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Information for disabled


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Information for disabled

Dear guests!

We provide free of charge for our disabled guests (upon presentation of a valid ID card), which also applies to +1 main companion.

The services of the Royal Castle of Gödöllő are accessible to visitors with disabilities almost without exception. It is only on the steep stairs of the Horthy bunker where we cannot ensure a safe descent with a wheelchair.


Visitors with certain psychosomatic illnesses

In the case of our guests who, due to their illness, their fear of the crowd or strangers would interfere with a comfortable visit, we provide the opportunity to visit before opening or after closing at no extra charge.

For our visitors with limited mobility

Our disabled visitors arriving by car can also access the main entrance from the car park in front of the main entrance of the Castle via the barrier-free driveway.

Visitors arriving alone in a wheelchair should contact our museum’s colleagues, who are available to approach the ticket office and cloakroom.

Wheelchairs are available in the cloakroom (courtesy of the Hungarian Wheelchair Foundation).

The exhibition spaces can also be reached by lift. (Our security officers at the main gate are also happy to help you with this.)

Passing through the hall, you can approach the Courtyard and the park, on the renovated 5-hectare area of ​​which you can also walk on the crushed small stone promenades with a wheelchair.

The washbasin to the right of the hall is barrier-free for those who have difficulty accessing the washbasins in the basement, but barrier-free washbasins are also located in the Lovarda area.

For group visits, please check in 7 days before arrival.

For our hearing impaired visitors

An induction loop helps our hearing-impaired guests to access information at the ticket office, the Ballroom and the Baroque Theater.

An induction loop for the audio guide is available at the ticket office.

For our visually impaired visitors

A Braille map in the lobby helps orient our visually impaired guests. An A4 museum Braille map is also available at the ticket office.
Considering that it is forbidden to bring animals into the area of ​​the Castle, our guests arriving with a guide dog should announce their visit in advance, if they can, thank you!


News and informations

20th Liszt Festival

20th Liszt Festival

One of the Highlights of autumn events is the Franz Liszt Festival, which will take place on the 20th time. The program includes pieces among others from Chopin, Liszt, Schubert.
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25 years-Anniversary of the renewed Palace

25 years - Anniversary of the renewed Palace

The Royal Castle of Gödöllő has many services, should mostly convey a sense of life. This is true for exhibitions, it is true for concerts, it is true for programs, but it is also true for a wedding or conference. We would like to make sure that all visitors, regardless of why they came to the Gödöllő castle or its nature-protected park, leave here, so that they certainly tasted the royal feeling of life here, absorbed the Hungarian culture and art. From arrival to departure, every element of the visit that the guest experienced here, be it the washroom, the cloakroom, the exhibition, the concert or a kind word from the people who worked here, was worthy of the Royal Castle. As in all of our lives, so, of course, in the life of the castle, there have been difficult and beautiful, memorable periods in the last 25 years. It is not my intention to summarize the outstanding events in the history of the quarter century now, as there will be appropriate forums for this throughout the year. I would like to highlight just two issues: in 2019, our exhibitions were viewed by 243,000, making us the most visited castle museum in the country, in addition to which we organized more than 300 events. I wish you all the best in 2021! Let's take care of each other! dr. Tamás Ujváry Executive Director
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The queen's furniture has returned home!

The queen's furniture has returned home!

The queen's furniture has returned home! Queen Elizabeth's personal furniture, dressing table and glass showcase arrived at the Royal Castle in Gödöllő   Dr. Tamás Ujváry, the managing director of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd., reminded that the castle operates as a real Sisi cult place. The building also celebrates its anniversary, as it was abandoned by the Soviet army thirty years ago and then opened in 1996, albeit only in part, to visitors in 1996. The anniversary is also connected with the arrival of the two special pieces of furniture, which were successfully repurchased with the help of the National Castle Program and the NÖF, said Dr. Tamás Ujváry. Speaking about the National Castle Program and the National Castle Program, which he supervised as a ministerial commissioner, Zsolt Virág said that they are aimed not only at the restoration of the buildings, but also at their mental rehabilitation. This includes returning any former furnishings to the walls, he noted. According to him, Queen Elizabeth's former dressing table and glazed display case appeared at an auction in Germany, where they were bought back at a starting price, and from Friday the public can meet the artefacts in the castle's permanent exhibition in the queen's dressing room.  
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