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International Nature Film Festival


International Nature Film Festival

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All Festival events are free!

Our motto is still the same!
"Nature and Environmental protectionwith the power of Arts and Games"
The theme of this year's Festival is "Sensitive Planet".

Film reviews:

"David Attenborough's World" the best nature films of recent years in Gödöllő 2021 - a few titles as a taste of the 30-50 minute long films screened in Gödöllő:

Nature films: Whispers of the trees, Europe's Everglades, Magic Moments, Island of Hippos, Legends of the Ice Mountains, Land of the Far North, Wild Pandas, Remarkable Rabbits, Every Body Needs a Coat, ......

Nature and Environmental protection Films: Creek Critters, In the Name of the Tisza, Deep Breath, Tosxic Business, Corona- The pandemic and the Pangoline, Earth Muted, On Thin Ice, 23.5°, Rhythm of the Earth ,One Word, Stalking Chernobyl- Exploring after Apocalypse, , World of Viruses......

Festival highlights for 2021:

The world of David Attenborough films about the 95-year-old naturalist

Screenings every evening on a large open-air stage

International Nature Film Festival

The largest ever Trash art Hungary exhibition

First ever Nature and Environmental Protection Living Statues exhibition

New awareness-raising children's programmes: the Hound-Tracker, 360-degree film screening, Climate Tent, Autumn Bioblicz, Feel the Wilderness Adventure Park, and MÜMÜ- Landscape Conservation: awareness-raising activity park for children and adults, Green Rotation, The World through VR glasses

Sensitive Planet: Water- outdoors- with evening lighting- awareness raising exhibition in Gödöllő Main Square

Outdoor exhibition of Transylvanian Nature Photographers, Magical Hungary 2021 photo exhibition, Landscape Odyssey 2021: photo exhibition

Friday is the traditional Student Day of the Festival, when we welcome students aged 8-18 with themed programmes for schools and classes.

Saturday-Sunday are Family Days, when everything is about nature and environmental protection. Exploring the "Sensitive Planet" through art and play.

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