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XX. Advent Palace Days



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18-19. 12. 2021
Royal Palace of Gödöllő

To make your Christmas more memorable”

In the 1870s, the royal couple of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy would often spend and enjoy the Christmas holidays in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő. The Royal Palace with enchanting Christmas decoration will welcome again guests with special programmes in the Christmas holidays, the happiest season of the year.

“To make your Christmas more memorable”

18th December
The Christmas of Wind Band – Opening Concert in the Ornamental Hall of the Palace
11.00-13.00     Let us meet Queen Elisabeth in the Ornamental Hall of the Palace!

The purchase of entrance ticket for the permanent exhibition is needed for participation.

13.30-14.00    The Spirit of Advent Chamber Orchestra Concert Admission is free.
Story from Betlehem performed by the Maszk Bábszínház (Mask Puppet Theatre)   Admission is free.
Christmas Concert by the Arpeggio Guitar Band in the Riding Hall of the Palace                   Admission fee: 3200 HUF

16.30-17.00    Preparing for the Christmas Holidays – Harp-violin duet concert

Admission is free.
18.00-19.15    Absurd Comedy by Zsolt Pozsgai in the
Baroque Theatre of the Palace

Admission fee: 3900 HUF

19th December
Christmas Concert by the Frédéric Chopin Music School in the Riding Hall of the Palace. Admission is free.
11.30-12.30    The Present of the Snowman – Puppet theatre play performed by Sanyi, Me and the Children. Admission is free.
The Spirit of Advent - Chamber Orchestra Concert Admission is free.
Icy Tale – Fairy Tale Play in the Baroque Theatre of the Palace

performed by the Group of the Thalia Academy of Theatre (adaptation based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen)   Admission is free.
15.30-16.30   “The royal couple have arrived again home, to Hungary" - Lecture about how the royal family in small circle celebrated Christmases at Gödöllő and Buda, by Dóra Kovács Admission is free.


Other programmes and events:
Festivity in the Palace – Museum Education Programmes offered for families with young children. The programme involves dressing in costumes, arts and crafts activities, like preparing Christmas presents and Christmas tree decoration. Venue: the Rudolph Wing of the Palace
The Golden Treasure of the Bunker – Escape Game. Booking in advance is needed via email:
• Special Guided tour to the “garderobe” of Queen Elisabeth

• Christmas market of artisans’ hand-made products
• Hungarian style sausages and meat products, Hungarian chimney cake, roasted chestnut, hot wine and punch

The music concert programmes are supported by the Duna Szimfonikus Zenekar (Danube Symphonic Orchestra) as well as the Frédéric Chopin Music School of Gödöllő that will offer music performance in the event.

28th December The Christmases of Queen Elisabeth - Special programme for families

For further information, you may enquire the contact addresses below:
Phone: +36 28 410 124

The Palace Museum reserves the right to change the above programme.

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News and informations

Story cube – a new educational tool

Story cube – a new educational tool

Together with the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów and the Italian non-governmental organisation Stazione Utopia, we exchange knowledge and experiences as well as train and teach how to encourage local communities gathered around museums to engage in voluntary work and how to talk about cultural, natural and historical heritage in an interesting manner. Together with our colleagues from Hungary and Italy, we have created a publicly available educational tool – the story cube that supports volunteers and educators in learning how to build a unique story, organise arguments, build independent judgments about the object or phenomenon in question, while incorporating their own stories and experiences. Activities implemented as part of the project: International Learning, Teaching, Training (LTT) meetings, during which a group of experts from Wilanów, Gödöllő and Florence selected in the programme exchanges good practice and then trains one another in areas such as working with volunteers and immigrants as well as creating an engaged community around institutions. Four meetings: two in Warsaw and two in Florence and Gödöllő, respectively, have been held during the course of the project. Transnational Project Meetings (TPMs) in each of the participating organisations help us implement our planned activities effectively. Developing an educational tool, known as the story cube. The tool supports the adult education personnel in contacting the local community and engaging it in activities related to the voluntary programme. An online seminar to discuss the experiences we have gained and disseminate the educational tool we have developed is to be held in January 2023. Writing a series of articles on informal adult education and engaging the local community in the activities of institutions. Feel free to check out the materials on the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE): Local community engagement in museum programs: practices, experiences and challenges and Też tak chcę! Story cube – a new educational tool   As part of the Erasmus+ project, “Museum of Communities”, along with our partners from the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów and the non-governmental organisation Stazione Utopia in Florence, we have created a new publicly available educational tool.The story cube supports our work with volunteers in terms of creating engaging and unique stories about museum items. We have designed not one but two cubes: senses cube, to support the process of experiencing objects through our senses; mind cube, to encourage users to think and reflect critically. Story cubes allow the users to ask questions about heritage objects and look at them in a new manner, inspiring them to learn collectively and have a discussion. The tool may be used with both beginners and advanced storytellers. Story cubes are a universal solution to be used in adult education. The project has been co-financed by the European Commission from the Erasmus+ programme supporting strategic partnerships at a European level. Projects related to education and training promote the development of knowledge in Europe and make it possible to achieve the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy – sustainable development and social inclusion. Download the detailed instructions and a graphic template for the story cubes: Erasmus+ Storycube black and white Erasmus+ Storycube color Erasmus+ Mindcube black and white Erasmus+ Mindcube color Instructions
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CaFE IDA is waiting for you

Our Cafe is waiting for you

CaFE IDA is waiting for you! Here are some pictures:  
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Maintenance period

Maintenance period

  From the 30th of January 2023 until the end of March 2023, various rooms in the permanent exhibition will be closed due to the annual maintenance work. We provide regular information about the schedule on our Facebook page and website. Due to room closures, we offer a 25% discount on the price of our permanent exhibition and combined ticket. Entry to the museum is possible every half-hour. Between the 30th of January and 10th of February, the entire Elisabeth wing is expected to be closed, as well as the Corner Room in the Gizella wing.
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The queen's furniture has returned home!

The queen's furniture has returned home!

The queen's furniture has returned home! Queen Elizabeth's personal furniture, dressing table and glass showcase arrived at the Royal Castle in Gödöllő   Dr. Tamás Ujváry, the managing director of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd., reminded that the castle operates as a real Sisi cult place. The building also celebrates its anniversary, as it was abandoned by the Soviet army thirty years ago and then opened in 1996, albeit only in part, to visitors in 1996. The anniversary is also connected with the arrival of the two special pieces of furniture, which were successfully repurchased with the help of the National Castle Program and the NÖF, said Dr. Tamás Ujváry. Speaking about the National Castle Program and the National Castle Program, which he supervised as a ministerial commissioner, Zsolt Virág said that they are aimed not only at the restoration of the buildings, but also at their mental rehabilitation. This includes returning any former furnishings to the walls, he noted. According to him, Queen Elizabeth's former dressing table and glazed display case appeared at an auction in Germany, where they were bought back at a starting price, and from Friday the public can meet the artefacts in the castle's permanent exhibition in the queen's dressing room.  
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