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About Queen Elisabeth

Elisabeth Duchess of Bavaria first became Empress of Austria and then Queen of Hungary. Elisabeth was immediately enthralled with the Palace, which the royal family was given as a retreat less than a year later. Elisabeth loved staying in Gödöllő. Her rooms on the sunny side of the palace were painted violet. She would often take walks in the garden or around Gödöllő and would go out riding almost every day. Packs hunts were frequently held, and she trained to perform some circus stunts in the riding hall. She had her favourite dogs and horses brought with her to Gödöllő.
The Queen was very much loved in Gödöllő too. When she arrived, violets and pansies, her favourite flowers, would be planted in her small garden. On her birthday, locals would organise torch processions and serenades to show their affection.

Éva Oravec-Kis


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