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History of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő

The history of the Palace goes back to the olden days when our great grandmothers’ great grandmothers lived and when rich noblemen had beautiful palaces built as their places of residence. Antal Grassalkovich, a nobleman, chose Gödöllő from his estates to build his largest and most beautiful palace. It had a church and a riding hall too. It was a great honour for the Count’s family when Maria Theresa of Austria paid a visit to Gödöllő. Construction and reconstruction work was continued after his death by his son and grandson.
Empress Elisabeth fell in love with the Palace. She and her husband later became queen and king of Hungary. The royal family were given the Palace as a coronation gift. Later on, they spent a lot of time here. Their youngest daughter Marie Valerie was brought up here.
Later on, soldiers were stationed here in wartime. After that it became a resort for the Governor. After World War II, there was a military barracks for Soviet troops in one part of the Palace, and a home for the elderly in the larger section.

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